Vogue On: Designers

SHOWstudio is always a really good place to look when it comes to fashion. I regularly visit the website whether it is to watch the latest fashion films or interviews. One video that I came across recently was the SHOWstudio Book Club – Vogue On, most definitely worth a watch if you have a spare hour.

‘On Monday 19 November 2012 Lou Stoppard sat down with Judith Watt, Bronwyn Cosgrave, Charlotte Sinclair and Chloe Fox, the authors behind four books in the ‘Vogue On’ series. Watt focuses on Schiaparelli, while Cosgrave looks at Chanel, Sinclair tackles Dior and Fox assesses McQueen in this literary live chat.’

By watching an hour long discussion on these designers I have picked up so much information already, it was nice to be able to listen to people that really knew what they were on about. They even say during the discussion how books and videos like these are important to students and anyone else that are seriously interested in fashion. They mentioned how the internet can be misleading and sometimes even untrue and that books such as these along with Vogue magazine have been written with some sort of authority.

Like I said it is worth a watch. Just a few points that I found quite interesting were when they spoke about fashion designers wanting to be more private and how the design houses were once almost like an attraction. They also mention the Vogue archive a lot too and speak about how the american Vogue archive is online, which is fantastic for students and looking at the history of fashion and Vogue.

Having watched the video I went ahead and ordered the books! I have two out of the four that I can start reading as the other two have already been pinched to read. IMG_2452

Diana Vreeland – The Eye Has To Travel is also mentioned in the video which im sure is a really interesting film and I probably should have watched it already. So I plan on giving that a watch really soon too.