NTU Graduate Fashion Show 2013

by Ryan Garwood





What a moment it was to see everyones hard work pay off at the NTU Graduate Fashion Show, the collections were breathtaking on the catwalk and the work in the exhibition was just as beautiful. It was amazing to see the four students (Gina Pearce, Hannah Dudley, Becky Maleham and Georgia Evans) that I had worked with showcase their final pieces.

Even better, for me anyway, was to see so many of my images around the show. The huge print below was a nice surprise and it was good to see all the other prints and the final lookbooks printed.  There were four lookbooks all together in the show, unfortunately I only have images of two of them at the moment.

B29A2630 B29A2660 B29A2661 B29A2663



B29A2656 B29A2655 B29A2654 B29A2653



The following images belong to © Sayuri Standing for Platform

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