Gina Pearce – Fashion design student. Degree show shoot

by Ryan Garwood

Gina Pearce is a third year fashion design student, studying at Nottingham Trent University. Gina’s work is a ladies-wear collection made up of four outfits inspired by beetles, with lots of metallic prints/colours and quilting.

“As a designer, I am extremely textile based, being creatively inspired by material qualities, fabric manipulation, colour and print. My work often includes a large amount of machine embroidery, focusing on sensitive detailing and working with fabrics that have an interesting surface application or appeal. 
Nature has always been a large inspiration throughout my work as a designer, therefore I wanted to explore this in greater detail.

The beetle is such a beautiful insect, yet it is often overlooked due to misconception. The metallic colours, intricate detailing and beautiful textures on the shell have given me large amounts of inspiration for my final product collection.

The Unique Selling Point of the garments is the sensitive selection of materials, strong print, fabric processes and the attention to fine detail. Designers such as Phillip Limm, Burberry, Antoni and Alison, Peter Pilotto and Modern Love are example competitors, with Fenwicks being a key store competitor. Materials and components are high quality with a luxurious feel to reflect the target market, whilst fabric processes stand out, helping to create statement pieces that will be wearable time and time again. Hidden detailing, such as printing inside pockets and detailed finishing teams well with the innovative branding that helps to create a range to reflect the chosen price point.”   Gina Pearce

When speaking with Gina about how she wanted to go about the shoot, she showed me images which were very clean and clinical looking. The images were very bleached out with white backgrounds and just small details and textures could be made out. When it came to location we shot in the university building Arkwright, where the walls are white and there are large white windows. The only slight problem we had was the ugly grey carpet on the floor, which we ended up covering with white card and the problem was solved.

The sun was shining straight through the windows which was perfect for the effect we wanted to achieve. Positioning the model directly infront of the window meant the light was bursting in from behind, creating a really bright white backdrop. I wanted to keep some of the detail of the windows behind the model in the image, so that it did not look like she had been cut out and placed on a white background. Overall the effect worked really well and I managed to keep lots of detail in the face and clothing whilst bleaching out the background.

Rachel McCarthy from BOSS model management was absolutely amazing to work with. She was professional, took direction very well and was also very friendly to work with. As you can see from the pictures she photographs beautifully and I would strongly recommend her. You can find her page here!

Not only did I love working with Gina, Rachel and Becky but I also love the final collection itself that Gina has produced. I hope she does well in the fashion design industry and that I shall work with her again soon.

Gina Pearce - Illustrations

Gina Pearce – Illustrations

Gina Pearce - Illustration

Gina Pearce – Illustrations



Model : Beckie Knight