Science is FICTION – Jean Painleve

by Ryan Garwood

A very interesting film shown to me in University by Stephen Gill. The cover photo already shows how much it can be related to the work I am doing with Hannah. Below is a small part of one of the films, the soundtrack is quite surreal. Stephen suggested it could make a very interesting backdrop for the images I am creating and I agree. I would like to create a fashion film to go along side the images I make and I think using this video would work more so with moving image, rather than the stills.

“Advocating the credo “science is fiction,” Painlevé managed to scandalize both the scientific and the cinematographic world with a cinema designed to entertain as well as edify. He portrayed sea horses, vampire bats, skeleton shrimps, and fanworms as endowed with human traits — the erotic, the comical, and the savage. Painlevé single-handedly established a unique kind of cinema, the “scientific-poetic cinema”