Prep for fashion design degree shoot

by Ryan Garwood

Hannah Dudley - EMIT Clothing

Hannah Dudley - EMIT

I am currently working along side Hannah Dudley, a third year fashion design student at Nottingham Trent University. Hannah has designed and is now in the process of constructing three outfits and six garments for her final degree show. Hannah’s final outcome as well as her finished garments will be a fashion magazine and I will be photographing everything to go inside it. Her main inspiration has been sea life and underwater sea creatures, looking quite closely at coral and Dinoflagellate. ‘A single-celled organism with two flagella, occurring in large numbers in marine plankton and also found in fresh water.’ Most importantly looking at the shape and structure of them. You can clearly see the similarities in the images above of the early stages of Hannah’s work.

Descendants of ancient calcareous nannoplankton.

Hannah was also inspired by jellyfish and other light emitting sea creatures, hence the name she has given her collection ‘EMIT’. Images like these immediately made me think of James Cameron’s Avatar, where a lot of the wildlife comes to life in the dark and gives off a very bright glow. I really wanted to base one of the shoots around this look and bring some kind of bright neon glowing lights in to the shot. I came across some light up wire that would have been perfect for what I was looking at doing, the downside is it has to be shipped from Hong-Kong and would not make it here in time for the shoot. I shall keep on thinking of something else anywhere.

When meeting with Hannah to speak about her inspirations, I had a quick look through her sketchbook to get a clear idea of what she had been looking at and where she wants to go with her work and also the magazine. One designer that she had been looking at, that also caught my eye was Iris Van Herpen. These are just a few images from the incredible 3D printed Escapism couture collection.

Iris Van Herpen - 3D printed Escapism couture collection

When thinking about designers and sea life I obviously thought of Alexander McQueen as he has done many collections based around sea life and sea creatures.

Alexander McQueen

I would like to take some more recent images of Hannahs garments as the ones I have posted are from the early stages and her work is closer to completion now. We plan on starting to shoot this friday (26th April 2013) with some studio based images and more dates have been penciled in for the following week depending on studio availability and what not.